Gorilla Highland Silverchef Competition 2019 moved to #Musanze #Rwanda


(Posted 31st July 2019)

(2018 Silverchef Winner Chef Rama of the Marriott Hotel in Kigali)

2019 was to be the year, when the regional Gorilla Highlands Silverchef Competition should have moved to the city of Goma, for the first time ever incorporating Eastern Congo which is of course part of the highlands region.
That however was not to be, in good part because of the ongoing Ebola outbreak in Eastern Congo and the recent ‘arrival’ of the disease in Goma itself.
The organizers of the competition were swift to nip the emerging questions in the bud and decided to shift the competition to Musanze, the centre of gorilla tracking activities in Rwanda, in part also informed by the sad situation that Rwandans are currently prohibited to travel to Uganda, where a leading hotel in Kampala had lined up to host the event.
The Gorilla Highlands organization therefore decided, if at all to host an inclusive event, to for the second year running organize it in Rwanda and so for 2019 will the Silverchef Competition be hosted this year at the ‘Five Volcanoes‘ in Musanze during the weekend of 26th and 27th of October.
On Saturday 26th of October will the competitors cook a 2-course meal for 5 people made from secret ingredients handed to them at the time when they will begin their meal preparations.
The lunch and dinner tasting sessions will be open to invited tourism and media professionals from Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo.
The winning chefs will be announced on Saturday evening. On Sunday the 27th of Octover will the event end with a morning fam trip for competitors and guests.

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