#Mozambique more than doubles Visa fees


(Posted 31st July 2019)


Looking at tourists like cash cows …

The Mozambican government has overnight doubled the cost of entry visas with immediate effect under a decree jointly signed by Economy and Finance Minister, Adriano Maleiane, and Interior Minister, Basilio Monteiro.

All single-entry visas applied for in foreign travellers’ countries of origin will be affected by the fee increases.

At the current exchange rate, the cost of single-entry visas valid for 30 days jumps from US$50 to US$102, while a visa valid for between 31 and 60 days will now cost US$203.

Visas valid for between 61 and 90 days now cost US$305.

Predictably have tourism stakeholders blasted the government decision, on one hand for failing to give sufficient notice of their intention to raise Visa fees and then of course for making Visa for Mozambique among the most expensive of any African country foreigners – AND AFRICANS – visit.
Given the devastating effect of two major cyclones hitting Mozambique earlier this year and the subsequent struggle to sell the destination are tourism stakeholders not amused that their job to market the country has just become ultimately more difficult, given the new tariffs.