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The Foundation is pleased to announce the following open courses, taking place in Nairobi, Kenya in the first half of November.
The course designs follow international standards as specified by the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO, leading regulators from across the world and leading industry associations. It is based on our rigorous course development standards. Our professional volunteer instructors have an excellent reputation and pedigree and work in organisations that are under the safety oversight of the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA. Their letters of credentials are available upon request.
Participants who meet all certification requirements, which includes 100% attendance and passing the end exam in courses, will be issued with a uniquely numbered certificate of completion. Participation in our courses will enable you to demonstrate your genuine commitment to safety excellence and capacity building to incoming auditors.

For more information & registration forms for the events, please contact the foundation at training
More details and registration forms can also be found in the of our website – click here to go to the agenda section.

Flight Data Monitoring
Nairobi, Kenya/ 4-5 November US$ 400
This unique in-region course will provide you with a solid appreciation of the technical,
operational, management and legal issues surrounding Flight Data Management (FDM). FDM helps pilots, managers and operators improve the
safety and efficiency of their flights by identifying hidden flaws and potential risks
in their daily operations. FDM is now also coming to the world of glass cockpit equipped Cessna Caravans, Jetstreams etc. This course is held at Wilson Airport in co-operation with industry leader Flight Data Services.
Aviation Mental Health
Nairobi, Kenya / 4-5 November – US$ 350
Internationally, ICAO, leading regulators and aviation psychology associations are adopting new standards to improve how our industry deals with mental health issues. This follows a number of occurences that resulted from intentional actions by flight crew or some related situation. These include the Germanwings 9525 crash in 2015 and the LAM Mozambique flight 470 in 2013.

In this course, we provide participants with knowledge and understanding of mental wellbeing in the aviation industry and how to identify and address issues that impact the safety performance of aviation personnel. Following our over-subscribed launch edition of this course last year, we are happy to bring the course back to Africa once again this year.

This is the only course of its kind in Africa and a must attend event for aviation medical examiners, government safety inspectors, chiefs of flight operations, crew planners, cabin crew managers, human resource managers and safety managers.

Crew Resource Management
Nairobi, Kenya / 7-8 November – US$ 350
Human error accounts for up to 80% of accidents in civil aviation. The objective of Crew Resource Management is to enhance the communication and management skills of the crew members concerned. The emphasis is placed on the non-technical aspects of crew performance.

The target of this course is to equip participants to actively work on his/her personal behaviour for better and safer operations.
The course training goals are:
Learning to apply CRM techniques in day to day operations
Learning to improve communication flows during operations
Learning the skills of leadership and followership in light of CRM theory

This course is a must attend event for flight crew, cabin crew, Air Traffic Controllers, Senior Air Traffic Controllers, Chief Air Traffic Controllers, Business aircraft operators, Owners of private aircraft and managers responsible for human resources in aviation.

Flight operations officer – dispatch course
Nairobi, Kenya / 11-15 November – US$ 550
Most countries of the world work with flight operations officers that support the captain in her/his flight preparations.
During this 5 days training, you will gain the knowledge about aviation operations that you will need to succeed as a flight operations officer. You will get a good understanding of the organization of a flight operations department and gain practical skills for the tasks and responsibilities of a flight operations officer.

The course is offered in co-operation with aircraft manufacturer ATR from Toulouse in France. ATR has a long and proven track record in providing flight operations – dispatch training. The course design follows ATR’s dispatcher’s course and ICAO standards as laid down in Doc7192 part D3. It will contribute to enhanced performance of duties and responsibilities at an Airline Operations Centre (AOC).
This is the right course for you if you are a flight operations officer, ab-initio staff at an AOC, a new hire as a flight operations officer, a flight support manager and a flight crew member.

A special discount is available to operators of ATR aircraft.

Human Factors in Aviation
Nairobi, Kenya / 11-13 November – US$ 350
Human performance is fundamental to operational safety in aviation as the majority of incidents and accidents are attributable to human error. This course introduces participants to the principles of human factors awareness, the factors that affect personal performance and how the human element interfaces with equipment, the working environment, the tools to be used and the organizational context.
Safety Symposium in support of Friends of AviAssist
Amsterdam, The Netherlands / 20 November
Friends of AviAssist will host its third networking symposium on the Wednesday November 20th in Amsterdam. There will be an interesting line up of speakers connecting safety, human factors and leadership in aviation. Meet other aviation professionals and future employers. Join us to learn about exciting new possibilities to support our work.

An outstanding organisation like the AviAssist Foundation needs exceptional supporters. Friends of AviAssist was formed in 2015 to support the AviAssist Foundation. Friends play a vital role in the life of AviAssist and their contributions are greatly valued. Since its start, the passion and dedication of committed Friends have enabled hundreds of outstanding African aviation professionals to get access to best safety practices and enrich their careers.


About AviAssist
The AviAssist Foundation has been providing effective and affordable safety support to the African aviation industry since 1995. It is the only non-profit organisation dedicated to providing impartial, independent, expert safety guidance and resources to Africa’s aviation industry.

We realise our incredible rates by deploying practising professional volunteers and support from the airlines for their transport and the hosting of our events as important pillars of our independent, non-profit status.

When it comes to our courses, our impact is that we bring courses and events for which there are currently no commercially feasible alternatives in the countries or sub-regions where the events are held. You can read more about our ‘after course support’ for our learners in our course catalogue that you can access by clicking here.

For more information and for special rates for enrolling more than 3 participants, contact us as training

Please be mindful of the fact that all courses have a very limited number of places to ensure excellent facilitator-learner interaction. Registration is on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

The Foundation is continuing course delivery in various locations in Africa while it is working on the implementation of its AviAssist Safety Promotion Center (ASPC) in Rwanda. The ASPC-Rwanda is growing into East Africa’s leading resource centre for safety promotion, with training courses and safety research being just some of the services offered.

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