Deadly crash claims two lives


(Posted 04th August 2019)

(A file picture of the stricken plane)

The U Dream Global Project Directors, Des Werner and Werner Froneman, have lost their lives in a tragic plane accident in the Tabora region of Tanzania when their aircraft, for reasons yet to be determined, came down and burned on impact.
The aircraft was part of a tour across Africa, visiting several countries enroute, of a widely reported team effort to build a plane, have it certified and then fly it in line with the U Dream objectives.

Says the Facebook page of the group:

Under the guidance and supervision from The Airplane Factory, U-Dream mentors and five team leaders from Denel Aviation, twenty inexperienced teenagers from diverse backgrounds across South Africa, built a Sling-4 aircraft in a highly controlled environment within three weeks in June 2018.

Following final inspections and flight certifications, Megan and various teen co-pilots are now set to fly the light aircraft from Cape Town to Cairo and back from June 2019, visiting several African countries and impacting thousands of lives during the project.

It is understood that the aircraft’s flight had originated from Entebbe Uganda and was enroute to Lilongwe in Malawi, when the crew reported technical problems and asked for permission to land their aircraft in Tabora.
Following repair efforts did the two then decide to take off again but within minutes of the flight being airborne did the engine apparently fail, prompting the crew to request for an immediate return to Tabora.
However, the aircraft crashed without reaching its destination, killing both on board on impact.

A local district official and the Director General of the Tanzania Civil Aviation authority are both quoted to have confirmed above details.

A formal air accident investigation is now underway.

The crashed aircraft was of the Airplane Factory Sling 4 type, registered as ZU-TAF.

Condolences are expressed to the families, friends and colleagues of the deceased.