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National Parks Serving Humanity’s Well-being As Much As Nature’s
An elephant approaching a fence at the Ol jogi Conservancy in Laikipia County, Kenya
This article was published in Mongabay. It concerns the roles of parks and protected areas in the World. How do you feel about protected areas? And what role do they have to play in Laikipia?

As Laikipia County enters its first attempts to develop a spatial plan (land use plan) in compliance with national requirements, what role do you think our conservancies and forest reserves should play in our future landscape?

Send your comments to communications

Story Credit : Jeremy Hance, a senior correspondent for Mongabay
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Water Resource Users Associations Embrace the Agency Model with a Pinch of Salt
Mr. Anthony Kingori, Nyahururu Chairperson, shares his sentiments on the WRUA Agency Model
“The WRUA Agency model seems to be a very promising initiative towards improving WRUA governance and financing. As members of Nyahururu WRUA, we fully welcome the piloting of this model in our catchment. However we must remain honest to ourselves that this model is still very new to us and as a result must be cautious of the challenges that may arise during its implementation.”

This are the sentiments of Mr. Anthony Kingori, the chair of Nyahururu WRUA, who believes that they are a strong candidate for the WRUA Agency model piloting project. He was keen to note however that much the financing of the WRUAs is becoming the focal point of discussion. Instead the fundamental and most important issue that needs addressing should be governance among the WRUAs and capacity building in Community Water Projects on members’ roles and mandates.
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The Ewaso Basin and Lorian Wetland
A River Ecosystem Under Immense Threat
An image of the Ewaso Nyiro River entering the Lorian Swamp at Dera
For the past 2 years, Laikipia County Natural Resources Network (LAICONAR) has been at the forefront in lobbying and advocating efforts to restore and gazette the series of swamps that feed into the Lorian Swamp They are doing this in close partnership with theNational Environment Management Authority as the lead agency, the Food and Agriculture Organization, CETRAD, Groots Kenya, MKEWP, Kenya Water Towers Agency, and theEast African Wildlife Society.

The swamp is on the verge of extinction if no serious measure is taken against the rapid reduction of flows to the Lorian.

Destruction of the wetlands and natural dams within the catchment, deforestation in the water towers, interference of river flows from the upstream abstractions by farmers, commercial and urban activities, and the unpredictable rain patterns are some of the contributing factors that need to be addressed.

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Saving The Lorian Swamp:
Human activity depleting Ewaso Nyiro river
Video Courtesy of K24
Laikipia County Ushirika Day Celebrations
A Cooperation of Cooperatives
Nanyuki Boda Boda Sacco officials’ receive an award for exemplary service in the transport and housing scheme during the International Cooperatives day in Laikipia County
The Ewaso Maji Users SACCO is privileged to be among 62,197 registered SACCOs in Laikipia County that are slated to receive support from the County Cooperative Revolving Fund. This was established during the Ushirika Day (International Cooperatives Day) 2019 celebrations at Il Polei Twala Women’s Cultural Center, on 6th July, in Laikipia County. The theme for these year’s celebration was ‘CO-OPS 4 Decent Work’.
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Mukogodo Forest Reserve
Loontana Spring Gets an Upgrade
First stage of the Loontana spring protection after completion
With the help of the Disney Conservation Fund, the Loontana spring is getting an upgrade.
Last year, Disney supported the protection of the spring in an effort to reduce human elephant/wildlife conflict and to protect a vital dry-season water source.

With Disney funds, the spring was protected from further disruption. A storage tank was constructed under the ILMAMUSI Community Forest Association (CFA) to provide water collection to a trough for wildlife and livestock, and required environmental flows were maintained.
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