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Laikipia County to Develop a Spatial Plan
Believe it or not, Laikipia County is getting ready for development of a SPATIAL PLAN in 2019, 6 years after devolution, but only one year after guidelines were finally provided for the county-led process.

A spatial plan is a constitutional requirement for each and every county. It plots out land uses and defines areas for changes in land use in a county. It’s also known as a land use plan.

County spatial plans provides a spatial vision that guides long term spatial development of the counties. The plans provide an important framework for efficient, productive and sustainable use of land as advocated for in both in the Kenyan Constitution and National Land Policy.

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750 Acres Set Aside for the Conservation of the
Critically Endangered Mountain Bongo
Hon Najib Balala, CS for Tourism and Wildlife and Hon. Ndiritu Murithi, Governor Laikipia County, are joined by Bongo Task Force partners and display the prototype National Recovery and Action Plan for the Mountain Bongo during its Launch.
The Kenya Government will set aside over 750 acres of land within Mount Kenya Forest to conserve the critically endangered Mountain Bongo. According to Tourism and WildlifeCabinet Secretary, Hon. Najib Balala, the land will help protect the Mountain Bongo, whose numbers have dropped to below 100 animals in the wild.

The Mountain Bongo has been classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, as a critically endangered species.

“The land set aside by the Kenya Forest Service will enable us to increase the number of Mountain Bongos to a sustainable population. We currently have 96 Mountain Bongos in the wild and 77 in captivity being used for breeding at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy.” CS Balala said at the launch of the National Recovery and Action Plan for the Mountain Bongo held on the 8th of July 2019 at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy.

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Magical Kenya Signature Experience Program
The Magical Kenya Signature Experience Program seeks to foster the development and packaging of tourism products and experiences in Kenya.
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