#Tanzania’s Coastal Aviation sheds the use of plastics


By Dixita Patel, Coastal Aviation, Dar es Salaam

(Posted 05th August 2019)

Coastal Aviation on the 01st of August launched a Go Green initiative dubbed Fly Green, Fly Coastal to promote sustainable tourism and becoming an environmentally friendly company that is much more ecologically responsible.

"Today is our first official attempt to indulge in ecological tourism. We want to promote and encourage a cleaner, safer environment, to create less pollution and reduced carbon footprint. As a Safari company we’ve been generating a staggering 16,000 single-use plastic bottles every month! We have taken feedback from many of our customers who really want us to change our game. So we have finally decided to embark on our Go Green journey. We want to pioneer and lead initiatives that show our increasing responsibility to our environment and homeland’ wrote Shaf Syed, the CEO of Coastal to ATCNews in a communication.

The company is looking to substantially reduce the amount of plastic usage generated by no longer offering single-use water bottles for their passengers.

Instead, customers will be encouraged to fill and refill their own water bottles at dispensers available at the major Coastal airports and locations across Tanzania. For those that don’t have such bottles, Coastal will sell branded metal water bottles. The company did point out though that they will continue to carry limited emergency supplies onboard the aircraft to cater for all eventualities.

Everyone flying with Coastal Aviation is welcome to support and actively engage in this newly launched “environmental journey”.

Thumbs up to Coastal which now laid down the challenge to their competitors to move into the same direction.