#AviaDev launches ‘Scorecard’


(Posted 19th August 2019)

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Serving the community has always been at the core of AviaDev’s values and this is just another way of doing it: Take their free route development skills test which they call the

#AviaDevScorecard and it´s a super easy online tool for all #routedevelopment professionals to test their expertise.

#routedevelopment professionals to test their expertise.

You can find it here: https://lnkd.in/gZkkX7k and also check out their video for more information.

Today they are also launching the #AviaDevScorecard #challenge!
in which they challenge their followers on the various platforms to take the scorecard and in turn also challenge other friends and colleagues from the


Don´t forget the hashtag: #AviaDevScorecard and have fun!