New Visa processing rules at Kilimanjaro International Airport set to add hours of waiting


(Posted 19th August 2019)


A number of Arusha based tour operators have voiced their concern to ATCNews about the new Visa processing regulations sprung on them and their clients, apparently without any notice or prior consultations.
The changes, effective immediately, will require visitors entitled to get their Visa on arrival, to first procure a number from a separate government desk before then paying the required fee at a bank counter before they can hand in the receipt to an immigration officer who in turn will issue the Visa.
Reports already received indicate that this process can delay tourists from leaving the airport for more than two hours, in some cases delaying their departure for their day’s destination and in other cases endangering making their domestic flight connections.
One regular contributor to ATCNews wishing to remain anonymous for well known reasons, ranted: ‘They have a big problem with accountability of the Visa money collected it seems. But instead of strengthening supervision they bring in new rules which impact on our visitors arrival experience. Many nationalities know they can get Visa on arrival and do not bother with the oftentimes frustrating online applications. What we are most upset about is once again the total lack of consulations with us directly or better our trade associations to prevent such very negative situations‘.
The source then also sent, clearly tongue in cheek, the following picture which needs no further comment.


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