Onomo Hotels on expansion course as group acquires six more hotels


(Posted 21st August 2019)

(The Dakar Onomo and the layout of a typical Onomo room)

Once upon a time there were regular, ordinary three star hotels and then Onomo entered the market, redefining the three star concept with a range of facilities and offers otherwise not found in this market segment.

The pan African hotel group successfully operated a dozen hotels until recently across the continent, before acquiring the majority stake in Morocco’s Cantor Hotel Group, which immediately raised Onomo’s market presence and profile to now 18 hotels already in operation, with more to come on line soon.
While the primary market presence until now is concentrated in Morocco and across West Africa, have the group’s hotels in South Africa and Rwanda made an immediate impact on the local hotel scene and rapidly generated a loyal following which enjoys – for three star hotels – superior facilities at affordable prices.
Room rates start from as low as 49 Euros and minimum tariffs do not exceed 100 Euros per room per night, though seasonal adjustments are possible. This is exactly the price range many business travelers on tight budgets are looking for and given the equally affordable add on cost for food, is Onomo for them a match made in heaven.

Onomo has paid particular attention to the use of local fabrics and materials and artists from the respective home countries of the various hotels have been given opportunities to showcase their creations – both by direct display as well as by incorporating ideas and features in the hotel’s decoration.

Next to open will be the Onomo Hotel in Maputo and additional projects are underway in Eastern Africa with target countries including Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania.