CITES votes down attempts to sell ivory stocks


(Posted 23rd August 2019)


The latest attempt by a coalition of Southern African countries, to push through a proposal to sell ivory stocks, was soundly defeated yesterday at the ongoing CITES COP18 meeting in Geneva.
Last minute lobbying failed when the vote was called and ended in a 101 to 23 majority against opening up a one off sale of ivory stocks.
Many delegates were reportedly disappointed over the comments by a member of the South African delegation who was widely quoted to have said they were ‘affronted‘ as the pro elephant coalition led by Kenya carried the day.
However was a proposal tabled by Gabon, to stop all international trade in elephants, also voted down by a margin of 67 against it and 51 for it, the rest of the countries abstaining.
On the upside was the protection for giraffes increased where many subspecies are now highly and even critically endangered. The vote was passed with 106 in favour while 21, again mainly Southern African countries but also Tanzania, voted against it.
More critical votes are expected in coming days and ATCNews will report on the outcome as and when available.

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