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#TravCulture: I will be speaking!

Let’s talk, how was August for you? This year has been as fast as the speed of lighting. I sometimes feel have not achieved much this year, because on the surface that is what people might assume.

However, this year, I have had to stretch myself, and acquire new skills while starting my new company named TravCP. Using the analogy of apregnant mother, no one but the mother understands the 9 months pain, discomfort and labor. Although when the baby is born, everyone shares in the joy and happiness, this is what happens during the process of birthing a vision.

Our vision at TravCP is to model Africa to be the No. 1 Tourist destination in the world. And I will be happy to be sharing my experiences and insights in the Tourism industry at The Westwood Hotel on Friday the 30th of August.

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#TravCulture: Magical Kenya

Talking of future months, Magical Kenya Travel Expo will be taking place in KICC Nairobi between 2nd of October to 4th of October.

I will make sure to keep you updated on other tourism events in September.

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PS: If you know any body that is looking at starting a tour operating/ travel business in Africa but has little or no resources to start?? If you can, please give the person this form to fill. They would be added to a new platform and it would be easy for both local and international tourists to see and book their tours, without them having to spend money on anything.