Uganda Airlines’ Mogadishu flights are already moneyspinners


(Posted 30th August 2019)


Following the launch of flight operations earlier this week has information emerged that Uganda Airline’s will make an instant success out of their route to Mogadishu, which has – going by a look at the GDS data – already captured dozens of bookings.
On the very first flight did the airline, out of Entebbe, have 8 paying passengers on board but the return journey from Mogadishu to Uganda carried 29 paying passengers. The next flight will then uplift at least 40 ticketed and paid for passengers, achieving a 50+ percent loadfactor.
Former Air Uganda too saw both Mogadishu and Juba as their main drivers for flight loadfactors and revenues and no doubt has that success story been taken on board by Uganda Airlines, going the same way.
It also appears that direct booking through the airline’s website have been embraced by the market as travel agents now have to play catchup if they want to get a piece of the pie.
Launch of flights from Entebbe to Mombasa was given as September 13th, i.e. in two weeks from now, giving passengers with business at the port of Mombasa a nonstop link and cutting out the often negative experience of having to go through immigration and customs in Nairobi and then carrying the luggage to the domestic terminal for a fresh check in.
Avoiding this bottleneck will also benefit passengers taking a few days off to enjoy a visit to the Kenya coast, where many resorts are now gearing up to put packages together for tourists from Uganda, flying nonstop to Moi International Airport in Mombasa.