National airlines – now South Sudan wants to join the fray too


(Posted 03rd September 2019)


The Republic of South Sudan, literally broke after years of civil strife, is apparently aiming at the establishment of a national airline, besides allocating 7.7 million US Dollars for the purchase or lease of a jet for President Salva Kiir.
No doubt encouraged by the launch of national airlines in neighouring Uganda and the relaunch of Air Tanzania last year does South Sudan apparently think it more important to spend money on an own airline instead of stretching their pennies on health, social services, education and infrastructure on the ground such as roads and bridges.
One David Nailo, when presenting the budget in the South Sudanese parliament, was quoted to have said: ‘The Ministry of Transport is directed to formulate policy and carry out a feasibility study for the establishment of the national carrier, South Sudan Airways, which will be a revenue-generating investment‘, missing the point and fact that national airlines are not money spinners but money takers as examples right across Africa show.
Development partners are said to be concerned about the country incurring unsustainable expenses over the two measures, which could impact on the funds set aside for South Sudan by their respective parliaments at home where in the past extravagance in recipient countries has often led to a cutting down in aid.
Juba remains connected to the region by daily flights of RwandAir, Uganda Airlines, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and several private airlines flying from Nairobi to Juba besides services by FlyDubai and EgyptAir.