Cabo Verde Airlines ups baggage allowance for flights to West Africa

Cabo Verde Airlines increases baggage allowance for West African Market


September 4, 2019
Courtesy of Mr. Kojo Bentum-Williams and VoyagesAfriq

In order to respond to West African market requests, Cabo Verde Airlines has decided to include one extra piece of baggage into its Promo fares from flights originating in Dakar (Senegal), Lagos (Nigeria) and Luanda (Angola).

With the added baggage, Promo fares starting in Dakar, Lagos, and Luanda will now work with one piece of baggage allowed for outbound and inbound flights for all Cabo Verde Airlines’ destinations, except for flights between Dakar and Cabo Verde, and Luanda and Cabo Verde, which remain with a two piece policy for all fares.

The campaign is already active and it’s only valid for routes starting in these three cities.

This campaign strengthens the company’s operations within the African continent, as well as the connection between Africa and Europe and North and South America as part of its mission to connect these four continents.

All flights connect to the Sal Island, Cabo Verde Airlines hub, which Stopover program allows passengers to stay up to 7 days in Cabo Verde and thus explore the various experiences on the islands, at no additional cost for airline tickets.

About Cabo Verde Airlines
Cabo Verde Airlines is a scheduled air carrier, operating an international hub at Sal’s Amílcar Cabral International Airport. Since November 2009, Cabo Verde Airlines has been an active member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The company currently maintains a management agreement with Reykjavík-based Loftleidir Icelandic, a subsidiary of Icelandair Group.