The Saint Ange Tourism Report, Volume 3 Edition 27


(Posted 10th September 2019)

The Editorial this week highlights:

a. Air France flying back to Seychelles on 31st October.

b. New Seychelles Tourism Policy discriminating against La Digue Business Operators.
c. Tourism 2019 and the Seychelles economy.

d. Delivered the keynote address at the 3rd Travellinks Conference holds in Canada.

e. The Islander Weekly – a new weekly newspaper for Seychelles.

f. France recognises Paul Hodoul and Colette Gillieaux for dedication and hard work.

g. UNWTO General Assembly 2019 in St. Petersburg in Russia,

h. Pope Francis in the Indian Ocean Region.
i.The Seychelles Tourism Festival 2019 announced.

j. Unrest in South Africa is a lesson to everyone.
k. A picture speaks a thousand words – so does this photo by Ameer Ebrahim of Denis Island.

Stand alone articles this week:

1. "Le Cerf" Excursion Boat is launched by Mason’s Travel.

2. Creole Travel Services with a state of the art glass bottom boat.

3. Precision, Performance and People: Re-Writing Our Narrative in Sustaining the Tourism Business.

4. International Conference Keynote Speaker Alain St. Ange Visits Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg.
5. IATA – helping to build capacity for the future of the aviation industry

6. A Trilingual Dictionary is issued in Seychelles – Creole, French and English.

7. Seychelles trade partners getting closer to the Israeli market in a Trade & Media Events.

8. Air Seychelles inaugurates new ground handling equipment.

9. African Sports Tourism Week Ghana 2019 gathers momentum

10. Closing Notes. ATCNews readers can view the entire St. Ange newsletter by clicking on the link shown below:

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