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#TravCulture: Independence Day Hangout!

TravCP,, and over 10 travel companies in Nigeria have teamed up to present "Badagry Independence Hangout" to any Nigeria looking to have fun while walking down history lane on Nigeria’s Independence day – October 1st 2019! (This is for all ages).

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#TravCulture: The Speaking Engagement!

Do you remember the speaking engagement I told you about?

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#TravCulture: UNWTO Half year report.

Reading through the World Tourism Organization Statistics for the first half of the year makes me happier to be launching a solution that is tested with enough potential have an exceeding impact on the tourism industry in Africa (Named- TravCP). Seeing that we had 0% growth the the first half is a big slap in our face knowing the potentials we have.

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PS: If you know any body that is looking at starting a tour operating/ travel business in Africa but has little or no resources to start?? If you can, please give the person this form to fill. They would be added to a new platform and it would be easy for both local and international tourists to see and book their tours, without them having to spend money on anything.