#Sanganai2019 takes off irrespective of upcoming Mugabe burial


(Posted 13th September 2019)

(Pictures courtesy of Margot Dempsey showing the ZTA AG. CEO Givemore
Chidzidzi address the media)

Sanganai / Hlanganani started off yesterday as planned and the organizers held a short media briefing, attended by both local and international journalists invited to cover the event.
Coming on the back of two high profile funerals, one coming up this weekend for former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe and the other which took place yesterday for Major General Trust Mugoba, the expo went as scheduled. ZTA Acting Chief Executive, Mr. Givemore Chidzidzi, said despite the deaths, the expo drew the anticipated number of international buyers and media.
We’re delighted that the numbers which we projected and planned have come to fruition, Sanganai/Hlanganani is here with the same number of international buyers and media as promised. A good number of people thought it would not go ahead since we lost two high profile people including the founding father former President Mugabe,” Mr. Chidzidzi said.

He also hailed the success of the so called speed networking, an enabling platform whereby international buyers meet with sellers on a one-on-one basis.

Tourism Business Council of Zimbabwe Chief Executive, Mr Paul Matamisa, hailed ZTA for successfully hosting the tourism expo. “There is a lot of input and effort from both the industry and the ZTA. In terms of décor and stand designs, we have seen an improvement.” said Matamisa before adding: “Another encouraging thing is that we got a good number of buyers carefully selected by both the ZTA and the industry. All that is indicative of a good start of the expo and everyone is confident that they brought the best buyers to drive forward the industry”.

Dubbed, Africa’s Premier Business Exchange, the three-day Sanganai/Hlanganani World Tourism Expo is being held at the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre in Bulawayo until September the 14th, with Saturday being a public day when people from all walks of life can come into the show ground.

One of the highlights this year was the Tourism Research Conference held on Wednesday, i.e. the day prior to the main event, where it was recommended to merge the Tourism Symposium held in Harare and the conference in Bulawayo. It was noted that both events could promote tourism education and development if merged.
TBCZ was tasked to coordinate the activities and provide topics for tourism research.

Meanwhile are flags across Zimbabwe continuing to fly on half mast as a sign of respect to the late former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, whose body is today and tomorrow lying in state in Harare before the upcoming funeral planned for Sunday. A number of heads of State are expected to fly into Harare on Sunday to attend the service.