Tour D’EAC reaches Kigali


(Posted 13th September 2019)


After conquering not only terrain but also logistical challenges has the Tour D’EAC now reached Kigali in Rwanda. This is the fifth country the cycling event is touching before returning to Kampala to cross the start / finish line in about a week.
Wrote John Balongo, whose brainchild the Tour D’EAC is, only two weeks ago, when he launched another appeal for material or financial support:

Dear East Africans, I want to thank you so much for the support you have rendered to us so far. Am happy to report to you that tour to date has proven to be a success beyond our best hopes, but I must be honest with you that if we are not able to raise funds to support the ride across the most difficult and long stretches, we will be forced to end before we reach our ultimate goal. This is not because of lack of energy or drive by the riders, it is simply a question of not having the necessary funding to be able to complete the tour safely. As you have seen from our progress to date, we believe this tour has been meeting every goal set for it, and your support to make certain it can continue and finish will reflect very well as we will give full credit for your contribution in ensuring success”.
For support, you can send to our account no. 1035200881503, In the names of Campfire Logs Guild, Equity, Kabalagala Branch. Or mobile money +256752 957326/ +255712706418 in the names of Mbowa Vincent. Any contributions will push us a kilometre or two.
Thanks so much.

Earlier this week did news come in that the tour has successfully completed their stages through Tanzania and crossed into Burundi, where they were welcomed with open arms.


(The Tour D’EAC brings a Burundian and a Rwandan official together as the tour’s flag was officially handed over from Burundi to Rwanda)

Since then has the tour made steady progress and reached Kigali yesterday, after reporting a problem free border crossing from Burundi to Rwanda, with host Burundi handing the tour over to the fifth and final country, Rwanda.
Border formalities included the now mandatory health check which has been implemented across the region and all found well did the tour then proceed to cycle into the Land of a Thousand Hills.

When reaching the Rwandan capital did the tour riders take a short time out to interact with local cyclists, explaining their mission and a number of Rwandan’s then rode on with the main team before it reached the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Development, where they were warmly welcomed by the Director of Social Services.

While in Kigali did the team take the opportunity to discuss the future of the regional tour in Rwanda with EAC officials as the country is known for her support towards cycling and staging major events on an annual basis.

The group is now preparing for their final stage in Rwanda to the border with Uganda and will then progressively make their way back to Kampala, where the tour kicked off on the 01st of August.

All the best for the home stretch to the riders who have done the noble idea of East African Cooperation proud!


All pictures courtesy of Mr. John Balongo.