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#TravCulture: The Quiz!

If you read the last FEW POSTS on this month, this quiz should be as easy as the exam you took in Nursery school (if you remember what it was like).

Things to Note:

  1. Only 1 SOTM (subscriber of the month) would be chosen monthly.

  2. The perks of being a SOTM :

– 1 FREE ADVERTISEMENT of what do (business/career) sent by mail to my newsletter subscribers.

– This would include your picture, name, business or job that you are seeking and any other information that is okay to share.

How to Be a SOTM

  • Answer the quiz

  • Leave a comment of our score from the quiz on the article/post on

  • The SOTM would chosen based on the number of comments left on THEFISAYO.COM per month.

OKAY! Its time to attempt the quiz below and challenge your KNOWLEDGE on TRAVEL in Africa 🙂

Take Quiz!

#TravCulture: Free Webinar!

Fam! A friend of mine would be starting her free webinar today, Wednesday 18th September, 2019 by 7pm (WAT)! 😃

Register for the FREE WEBINAR and stand a chance to win one of her GIVEAWAYS 🎁 See link below👇

If you want to learn how to start a tourism business, click the link above.

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PS: If you know any body that is looking at starting a tour operating/ travel business in Africa but has little or no resources to start?? If you can, please give the person this form to fill. They would be added to a new platform and it would be easy for both local and international tourists to see and book their tours, without them having to spend money on anything.

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