#Zambia Tourism News – Courtesy of Gill Staden’s The Livingstone bi-Weekly


Source: Gill Staden’s The Livingstone bi-Weekly, rebroadcast for ATCNews readers with Gill’s permission

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Inside this week:
Chiinga Siavwapa
Livingstone Sports Festival
Water from Bangweulu to Zambezi?
Conservation South Luangwa news
Chamilandu has a baby
President Lungu calls for conservation of the environment
Capture of wildlife in Kafue National Park
Trade Hub for Kanyemba in Zim
Elephant Sands helps hippos
Possible poisoning of hippos in Namibia

If you would like to read the story about the Litunga’s tour on the Zambezi River on 13th September, click here: https://awindowonzambia.com/litunga-in-livingstone/

Some Videos

Regatta on Prime News

North Luangwa Conservation Project is with Frankfurt Zoological Society – Africa and Save the Rhino International.
In the lead up to world rhino day, we just wanted to share this scene of our hardworking project team, scouts and mechanics enjoying a game of football with Shungu, a newly arrived rhino who likes to be part of the action.

James Hitchins
Hey Guys!! Save The Zambezi Foundation is really getting the coverage that is needed and is going off the hook!! Let’s keep up the momentum!! I have decided to keep the Sketch I did up for more bids until the night of Saturday 21st September 2019. The current bid Stands at US$1000. If you can better this bid, message me on artjameshitchins on Instagram for your chance to win the piece and be a part of the journey to Save The Zambezi.

How to stop birds flying into windows
Alex Sally