#AirNamibia has to once again confirm ongoing operations


(Posted 23rd September 2019)


Given the media hype in Namibia over the national airline’s projected imminent demise, has the airline once again gone on record to confirm continued operations.
Only a month ago did a similar scenario unfold but good to their word has the airline continued to fly on key trunk routes.


Said Air Namibia earlier today through a media release:

Air Namibia wishes to inform the flying public, the trade and all stakeholders about the current status at the Namibian national airline:

1. There is no decision taken by the shareholder, the Government of the Republic of Namibia or the Board to close Air Namibia, nor is there any pending application for the liquidation of Air Namibia by end of September 2019 as reported in the media.

2. Air Namibia shall continue to fly as per the published schedule for the foreseeable future.

3. As a business that is in operation, the airline procures goods and services continuously. Services and goods acquired must be paid for in line with the terms of conditions of the suppliers. This process results in situations where at times the airline falls behind with payment of some of the invoices, as it is with any normal business entity.

4. In cases where some invoices are in arrears, the airline has entered into payment arrangements with the relevant suppliers.

5. The National Airline is also receiving assistance from its shareholder as per the budgetary provision and allocation as announced at the beginning of the current financial year.

6. Air Namibia was established with the mandate of providing air transport services, to promote tourism and encourage business investment in Namibia. The airline has been meeting this objective optimally.

7. Finally, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all our esteemed customers and trade for their continued business support during this most challenging time.

All inquiries should be directed to the Corporate Communication Office, Tel: +264 61 299 6270

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