#WorldRhinoDay at #OlPejeta

World Rhino Day

Today is World Rhino Day, a day to salute all five species of rhinos.

This year on Ol Pejeta we have more than ever to celebrate: our largest black rhino population ever, no poaching in almost two years and of course two recently created northern white rhino embryos. Today we share these victories with you, our visitors, supporters and partners who make it all possible. Happy World Rhino Day!

rhino ‘things’

Photo by Ami Vitale

Bringing back a species from extinction
It has been a great year for the northern white rhinos. Last year was devastating when Sudan died making them functionally extinct. Last month history was made when for the first time ever scientists extracted oocytes from the last two remaining northern white rhino females, which then went on to make more history by successfully producing two embryos. // read more

black rhinos on Ol Pejeta

We do black rhino conservation like no one else
From just four rhinos in 1989, we are now home to 134 black rhinos — the largest black rhino population in East Africa. Our journey to this point has been as rewarding as it has been challenging, and we feel a responsibility to share the lessons we’ve learned with other conservation partners across the world.
// read about our three key focus areas for successful rhino conservation.

Kindred Guardians

Award-winning northern white rhino photography by Justin Mott
Through his beautiful and sometimes devastating photography, Justin Mott is raising awareness, and hope, about some critical issues. He has raised over US$ 5,000 for Ol Pejeta through his work and his latest series, Kindred Guardians, aims to highlight projects around the world doing extraordinary things for animal welfare and conservation. The first instalment, No Man’s Land, was dedicated to the caretakers of the last two remaining northern white rhinos. It won second place at the coveted International Photography Awards, and we are extremely proud to be associated with Justin’s noble work.


Name a rhino
There isn’t a gift more unique that naming a rhino!
This World Rhino Day we’re giving you the chance to name one of Ol Pejeta’s rhinos. So be it a special gift or a loved ones legacy, contact Roxanne on roxanne.mungai to find out more.


Get colouring on World Rhino Day
At Ol Pejeta, we truly believe that no child is too young to become a conservationist. It’s important to teach our children about endangered species because empowering them to take action at an early age gives us better hope for the future. Through education and fun activities, kids can learn more about endangered animals and the right steps that humans can take to help save them.

We have made a special rhino drawing that you can download and colour with your children. Talk to them about rhinos and their plight. Get them involved and excited about saving the planet! // get colouring!

Awoke N Aware

Look good while doing good
Celebrate World Rhino Day this year by looking good for a cause. 5% of sales from the rhino collection from Awoke N’ Awarewill be donated to Ol Pejeta’s conservation efforts. Be part of the momentum for change and #WearToGive.