Dust storm hits Nairobi and Arusha

(Posted 01st October 2019)

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(Picture by ‘KenyanTrafficonTwitter’)

A massive sand and dust storm blitzed the Kenyan capital of Nairobi today late afternoon, before moving on and doing similar damage in Northern Tanzania.
The heavy gusts of wind wreaked havoc with bill boards, poorly secured roofs and building attachments in Nairobi around half past five in the afternoon. As a result were power poles and lines also knocked down, causing electricity outages across the city, seeing repair crews brace the storm as they raced to contain the situation.
This kind of weather phenomenon has taken place before but the extent of the dust clouds and the ferocity of the winds were rather unprecedented.
Traffic in parts of Nairobi came to a standstill as a result due to very poor visibility for drivers.

There were some reported delays in flights in and out of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airport but air traffic has since normalised again.
Meteorogical services in East Africa moved swiftly to issue bad weather warnings to locations in the way of the dust clouds.


I must apologize to Janelle Doria for the unintended but nevertheless unauthorized use of her picture taken in Arusha. The picture has since been removed and been substituted with an authorized picture from other sources. ATCNews does not make it a habit to use unauthorized pictures and though according credit to ‘social media sources’ at the time of posting, is always trying to provide both author and photo credits. Again, my apologies to Janella and you, my readers!

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