Enjoy the latest exploits of The Fisayo who is in Kenya right now

#TravCulture: Magical Kenya

Happy New month fam! I have been in Kenya for a few days now, and the experience has great. Looking back, I wonder why not much noise has been made about the beautiful destinations here. CLICK HERE to view the beautiful beach resorts I visited.

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#TravCulture: The Maasai Mara Tribe

I looked forward to this experience in particular and it was a great feeling having to see and understand the tribe after all I have read about them online.

CLICK HERE to see how it went! 🙂

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PS: If you know any body that is looking at starting a tour operating/ travel business in Africa but has little or no resources to start?? If you can, please give the person this form to fill. They would be added to a new platform and it would be easy for both local and international tourists to see and book their tours, without them having to spend money on anything.

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