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Dear all!

September is now behind us, which means we’ve only got a few more weeks of operations at Three Rivers Camp and Island Bush Camp! Kafunta River Lodge will see us through the rest of the dry season, as it’s open until the early days of January, but no doubt it will all go very fast.

Anke & Ron are currently at Kafunta where they enjoy spending time with the staff making sure all is going well. They’re off to Nepal next for a challenging trek to Everest’s Base Camp.

We already wish them a fun and safe vacation!

The Cowan with visiting Voss’ family – guests and friends of many years!

Directors and Managers’ breakfast at Kafunta is always a great bonding time

Looking after the staff

When they are at home in Luangwa, Anke & Ron spend a lot of time with our staff, at all three properties. Many of our staff have been around for years, if not for all of Kafunta’s existence and they always look forward to such visits.

It’s very important to make sure everyone is happy, guests and staff.

Touring the properties is also a perfect opportunity to check that we’re operating to the best of our abilities and to stay connected with what is happening on the ground.

Greeting kitchen staff (above at Kafunta, below at Island)

Staying in a tent at Three Rivers Camp

At the hide at Island Bush Camp

Walking the town

As if touring camps wasn’t enough on their agenda, they also take the time to tour other folks in the valley.

As members of Project Luangwa they paid a visit to the craft shop & café, catching up with managers Karen & Dave and meeting the new Communication Manager, Sherri.

They also checked on George Banda‘s Mfuwe Ecobrick Association (see our July newsletter) and saw the progress of one of George’s many projects – here the sign post for Uyoba Primary school.

The school kids are all involved in this recycling initiative.

Just a few weeks shy of celebrating Zambia’s 55th Independence Day, Anke even got the opportunity to meet 95-year old Kenneth Kaunda, who was on a personal visit in Luangwa.

Dr Kenneth Kaunda was Zambia’s first President, and held office from the Independence day of 24 October 1964 until 2 November 1991.

A local and unofficial initiative, his visit to Luangwa allowed many villagers to pay respect and celebrate KK’s large contribution to Zambia and to conservation. Indeed a large crowd turned out to what may be KK’s last visit to this part of the country.

Visiting Former President

Dr. Kenneth Kaunda (right) and Chief Malama (left)

Welcome back Klaus!

Our good old Klaus Fenger was back for over three weeks this year accompanying – in his very own style – three successive waves of guests, staying at all three properties. I know many of you will enjoy seeing these photos of Klaus as you may remember him as Island Bush Camp’s manager for several seasons.

Anke got to meet up with Klaus too although it was only for a few minutes passing through Mfuwe airport.

Klaus isn’t changing, and he loves his time in South Luangwa. I’m sure we’ll see him again next year.

New Residents

Although we do see passing elephants throughout the safari season, September is typically the time elephants take up residence at Kafunta.

This is of course because the bush is very dry everywhere else, but mostly because our huge fig tree is now dropping juicy wild fruits on the ground… a treat elephants spend hours picking up.

It doesn’t help that the fig tree is right in the middle of the property, making it sometimes quite difficult for our guests and staff to walk up and down the pathways!

And of course the elephants are constant visitors at Three Rivers Camp (here at the waterhole) and Island Bush Camp as well.

Who needs to go on drives to see wildlife, game viewing starts right in camp!

Above: the waterhole at Three Rivers Camp. Below: the hide at Island Bush Camp

Hippos are of course other large mammals we can observe right from camp.

Caught in the act!

Since early on this season our Island Bush Camp manager, Stephan, has had to deal with almost daily damaged from a nocturnal marauder who especially favoured raiding the bush kitchen.

Although the culprit was identified early on to be a hyena, it was recently photographed and caught red handed!

Our guest Toby Pickard installed a couple of camera traps and sure enough… the hyena came walking by (and so did Stephan chasing the said hyena!)

Great Photography!

The same Toby Pickard is also the author of these beautiful daytime photos of hyenas (not our marauder) squabbling with vultures over some leftovers.

I have a lot more STUNNING photos of Toby to share with you, but I’m starting to run out of space. I promise to share them in upcoming newsletters and posts, but in the meantime I invite you to check Toby’s website to look at his superb photography. At just 21, Toby has already received several outstanding awards including from The British Wildlife Photography Awards! Toby is also on Instagram and Facebook.

Another interesting sighting was captured by our guest Anja Walter. This took place when two lion brothers were both attracted by the charms of one (a tad grumpy) lioness. The third photo reminds me of a particular scene between…. Mufasa and his perfidious brother Scar. Luckily the jealous growls between these two Luangwa brothers didn’t last and nothing dramatic happened to them.

People Sightings

I’ll end the newsletter with another type of photography. One that we rarely receive from our guests.

US-based photographer Teri Moy was with us recently and although drawn to African wildlife, her passion really is for portrait photography. Portraits of people that is. She is delighting us with a series of beautiful photos of our staff, which I hope you will enjoy as much as we do.

Thank you Teri!

You can follow Teri on Instagram or Facebook, or check her website for more information.

Some of our safari guides

Bar staff

Housekeeping team

The Chefs

The Spotters

Kafunta Managers

All right, it’s time to wrap up this portfolio of incredible photos. There is plenty more to see, so make sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram too (click on the icons below).

And don’t be shy about sending me your own photos too. Not all photos need to be awards nominees! So email me the shots you’re most proud of and I’ll make sure to share them on our platforms as well!

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