ATCNews and VoyagesAfriq enter new media partnership with Media India Group


(Posted 04th October 2019)

Two of Africa’s leading tourism publications, VoyagesAfriq and ATCNews – both close media partners themselves – have entered into a partnership agreement with the Media India Group.
The primary objective of the new cooperation is to change the narrative of Africa in the Indian tourism market place to further boost the numbers of visitors from India to Africa while in turn giving regular updates on India’s key tourism attractions and other facilities, equally boosting numbers of African visitors to India.
With over 17.5 million Indians living outside India, and many of them in Africa, is it hoped that additional traffic can be generated in both directions through the new partnership and cooperation.
The Media India Group is a global platform founded in 2004, based in both Europe and India, encompassing publishing, communication, consultation services and event management.

In a related development will Air India return to Nairobi, adding options of travel to Kenya from late October.
Main connectors from India into Africa are Ethiopian Airlines, with the largest network on the African continent out of their hub in Addis Ababa, but also other carriers like Qatar Airways, Emirates, Fly Dubai, Egypt Air and Turkish Airlines.