Atta’s annual networking function at #MKTE2019 records full house


(Posted 04th October 2019)

(In the picture from left to right Mr. Nigel Vere Nicholl, President of Atta, the new British High Commissioner to Kenya and Mr. Chris Mears, CEO of Atta)

With now 647 members across the world, most of them of course based in Africa, is Atta beyond doubt the largest and most effective tourism trade association and lobbying platform and the rising membership count is testament to Atta’s importance on the continent.
Traditionally is Atta hosting a networking session at the Stanley Hotel on the sidelines of #MKTE, aka the Magical Kenya Travel Expo.
This year’s event was a total sellout and apart from messages from the sponsors Saruni and JWSeagon, the welcome words from Chris Mears and the introduction by Nigel Vere Nicoll of the new British High Commissioner to the assembled tourism trade stakeholders, was the floor open for networking throughout the evening.
ATCNews, also a media member of Atta, regularly features details from Atta’s daily news broadcasts, always reminding readers that membership in this tourism trade association is now a must and with a rise of over 200 members over the past two years is Atta truly the forum to be in.
Atta regularly provides stand space for members, at a very reduced cost that is, at key tourism trade shows and events like World Travel Market Africa, allowing members to stand united under one banner.

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