Ol Pejeta appeals for help for their chimps

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Dear ATCNews Readers,

In the warm lush jungles of western and central Africa, the canopies teeter miles above the ground and thick vines loop their way enthusiastically across the forests. There are places for chimpanzees to feed, to hunt, to play, to hide, to sleep. The air is sultry and humid, butterflies dance from flower to flower while snakes slither quietly through the thick undergrowth and beady-eyed squirrels dart nervously over branches.

It’s also the scene of unspeakable acts of human cruelty, where many of our chimpanzees witnessed horrific wildlife massacres. They will never be able to return to their homes, thanks to the actions of greedy criminals, but their lives don’t have to be over.

We have a plan to recreate the best of that world and bring it to Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Our enclosures are sunny and spacious, but they need tall trees and climbing frames, termite mounds and things to swing on. The only thing holding us back is funds.

Every tiny increment adds up and gives us a better chance at winning. Will you donate today and help us build a paradise for some chimpanzees who really deserve it?