Giving Day for Apes – An Ongoing Challenge



Dear ATCNews Readers,

The air at night is cold at this altitude, even though we’re on the equator. In the evenings, the residents of Sweetwaters come into their respective houses and find somewhere to rest until morning. Fresh hay is spread on the floor, which can be used to make a little nest, and there are hammocks and ledges which are also popular.

Still, it’s a far cry from the jungle homes of their youth. By necessity, the bars are thick and every feature is practical and efficient. We want to try and simulate as natural an environment as possible for these veterans of the human war on wildlife, and it’s going to take some funding.

Even a small donation will help us add a ball to their box of games, or a rope that they can use to swing on when they’re restless. Steel mirrors and puzzle feeders keep them entertained for hours. If you donate today, of all days, we could get three for the cost of one, by improving our place on the leaderboard and thus our chances of winning big.

What’s to lose? Just a few more hours before the final tally – join the army of donors giving for a better future!