A Kwa Zulu Natal success story spanning a century


By Gladys Mutermeri, Tongaat, South Africa

When at the Africa Tourism Leadership Forum last month in Durban I met with Gladys and her story inspired me. I asked her to provide me with some details of how ATCNews, through publicity, can help and a few days ago the following information came in which I am happy to share with the hope that support will be extended to the Girls and Boys Town:

100 years ago, a handful of dedicated Dominican nuns employed their bare hands and generous hearts to build our Tongaat campus; buildings that have been home and sanctuary to the many thousands of vulnerable youth that Girls and Boys Town have helped to transition to bright and meaningful lives.

But while our purpose is to equip young people with the strength and resolve to shine despite the challenges the world has burdened them with, shines in us brightly still; a century of wear and tear has worn our simple walls away.

Today, our Tongaat campus buildings stand condemned and now 61 years of work that has served to build the strong foundations of so many young may fail too. Not if we can help it.

We have an ambitious plan. Together with the generous help of Boogertman +Partners and other firms who have already rallied to help our cause, we have found an ingenious way to not only preserve KwaZulu Natal history but to serve the future generations of children who so desperately depend on our strong grounding to survive and thrive also.

To also take part and support us in this cause, contact our KZN office on 032 9433189 and speak to Saloshna, alternatively e-mail marketing on  pmsweli@gbtown.org.za     

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