Globetrotter Agency aims high with planned NSE listing


(Posted 24th October 2019)


10 months ago did the Nairobi Securities Exchange launch their IBUKA – a Kiswahili word for ‘Emerge’ – Incubation Programme, aimed to introduce new companies to the idea to list – after fulfilling all the legal and regulatory requirements – at the Securities Exchange.
Some major Kenyan brands like Tuskys, MySpace, APT Commodities and Blue Nile Rolling Mills were taken on board the programme since then, presently involving some 17 carefully selected companies.

A spokesperson for NSE was quoted to have said: ‘A company that will go through incubation, acceleration and listing, will be a much stronger company than a company that just comes straight into a listing. As opposed to waiting for companies to come to market when they are ready, we want to make them ready‘.

Notably was a travel agency among those applying and more notably even being admitted as the second company to the programme, no doubt speaking for the serious presentation and documentation they had prepared and then handed to the programme administrators. The Globetrotter Travel Agency, incidentally owned and run by a team of professional ladies, subsequently underwent the vetting the programme requires, following which it was admitted to IBUKA.

Said Vidya to ATCNews when asked to describe what her company does and stands for:
Globetrotter Agency Limited is a registered company that specializes in Travel and Tours consultancy and has created new styles of international and domestic travel, aiming to provide safety and comfort. The company was started in the year 2015 after the partners retired from employment spanning over 15 years of
experience in the tourism industry. With the knowledge gained in the tourism industry we are providing reservations services. Our travel planning capabilities have always been praised and recognized, whether they are domestic or international travel plans. This ability to support all of our different customers’ needs is one of our strengths. Globetrotter has and will continue to expand its business areas beyond its basic business travel. We are committed to providing products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations
Vidya then went on to elaborate further: ‘The scope of our operations no longer fits within the framework of traditional travel companies. Our goal is to offer a diverse range of services, along with complete support, in a variety of environments where people meet, exchange ideas and come together. This includes environments such as sporting events that attract passionate fans, international conferences where participants discuss the future and also for overseas visitors who come to Kenya. Our aim is to grasp the essence of conscientious hospitality and ensure customer satisfaction‘.

Also watch the YouTube clip in which Vidya Jethwa, the CEO of Globetrotters, speaks out about the programme and where the company intends to go:

ATCNews wishes Vidya and Tina and their entire team the very best of success in the coming years.