Seychelles Tourism signs MoU with Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation


(Posted 30th October 2019)

Daniella Payet-Alis and the Principal Secretary for the tourism department, Anne Lafortune, in the presence of the Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine Mr. Didier Dogley, earlier this week signed a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding to advance sustainable development goals and generally inject ‘green thinking’ into the tourism industry.
Daniella is quoted to have said, following the signing ceremony: ‘The MoU is a continuation of what we have been doing already and we are hoping that by 2022, at least 60 percent of our tourism establishments will have the label and Seychelles can be certified as a sustainable tourism destination, establishing a name for itself and maintaining its relevance‘.
Principal Secretary Anne Lafortune responded saying: ‘We work with hotels to show them that when they carry out sustainable practices, there is a label that they are given. This is about the same ambition that the foundation has as they want to make sure that activities being carried out by establishments are sustainable activities‘.
Seychelles for several years now has a sustainable development label in place which recognizes best environmental practices in the hospitality industry.