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Flexible learning the solid career choice

Dear Readers of ATCNews interested in aviation,

If you complete a course that counts toward your Airline Management or Management and Leadership diploma before January 2020, we will provide free access to the LinkedIn Learning platform until 30 January 2021.

Airline Management The promotion facilitates a blended learning approach, combining the best of traditional learning techniques with the latest in online methodologies. Classroom courses allow you to develop detailed knowledge and a personal network of contacts. LinkedIn Learning complements this, providing great flexibility in where and how you learn and allowing you to fine-tune the skills you have gained.
Perfecting the managerial and leadership skillset required in a growing, dynamic industry will give you an enormous advantage in your career.

IATA courses offer unique insights, expert instructors and real-life, practical scenarios. A full list of courses eligible for the promotion can be found here.

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