KCAA and Safarilink nip malicious rumours in the bud


Safarilink wishes to clarify the situation related to a recent incident involving one of our Cessna Caravan C208B registration 5Y-SLJ, manufactured 15th June 2015, which had a puncture upon at landing Wilson Airport on 25th October 2019. The aircraft was inbound from Lamu and landed at 18.20hrs and had 10 passengers and 2 crew onboard.

Following the incident, the KCAA team immediately inspected the aircraft and confirmed the puncture and issued a press statement to reaffirm the real situation on the ground (See the press release below). We confirm that all the passengers and crew on board were safe and there were no injuries.

This incident had no implication on the safety or maintenance of the aircraft.

Safarilink wishes to reiterate and reassure our customers of our commitment to the highest level of safety and thank you for your loyalty and support.

Thank you.

Alex Avedi,
Chief Executive Officer
Safarilink Aviation