UK government sneaks in biased travel advise as #WTMLondon2019 opens


(Posted 05th November 2019)

The UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office has done it again and sneaked in another piece of anti travel advice against Kenya, this time targeting Wilson Airport.
Picking up this topic from local media reports equally reeking of bias and lack of topical competence has the FCO now added the following information about Kenya on their website:

5 November 2019

The International Civil Aviation Organisation has carried out an audit of the level of implementation of the critical elements of safety oversight in Kenya.

A list of incidents and accidents in Kenya can be found on the website of the Aviation Safety network.

There are some concerns about the lack of security arrangements in place at Wilson airport in Nairobi. The airport is mainly used for domestic flights, including charters. Be vigilant at all times when transiting airports.

In response to 2 recent incidents involving Silverstone Air Services, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) is conducting an audit inspection of the airline to determine the level of compliance with civil aviation regulations.

If you plan to charter a private aircraft, check with the company’s Safety Pilot about the condition of the aircraft and runways to be used. If the company has no Safety Pilot, find another company that does.

Local rules and regulations prohibit photography at airports. You could be fined or imprisoned.

Tourism stakeholders attending the World Travel Market in London were clearly upset about this being done as the country attends one of the world’s most important tourism trade shows, and more than a dozen messages to ATCNews suggest that all of the senders believe that the release coinciding with WTM 2019 was intentional to inflict damage to Kenya’s reputation as the world of tourism gathers in the UK capital.

Wrote one regular contributor, clearly rather angered by the development: ‘You would be surprised how many UK HC staff fly to the parks or to the coast from Wilson Airport. Have they now all stopped flying to observe that silly piece of garbage they published in their latest travel advice against Kenya? The UK government are no friends of Kenya, the FCO uses every opportunity to do us in and I hope you publish this the way you get it from me‘.

Sadly though do sections of the Kenyan media play into the hands of such misguided advisories through their incompetent and biased reporting about issues they understand little about and rely in their publications on bar talk their reporters pick up or else believe every word when one company tries to foulmouth another.

Best wishes to the Kenyan delegation at #WTM2019, ignore such fabricated publications and get on with promoting the country as one of Africa’s greatest safari destinations!