The Fisayo shares her visiting experience from #Nairobi

My Experience at the United Nations Headquarters on the continent of Africa

by thefisayo

I believe you know how this goes, if you do not, brace yourself for a little behind the scene story of how this came to be 🙂 . It was a cold Afternoon in Nairobi – freezing cold (everyday was cold in Nairobi). It was also the second day of the MKTE 2019 event (CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT MKTE), when Erick our very good Kenya Tourism Board host told us we would be going to the United Nations Headquarters the next day. My spirit leaped for joy upon hearing the news because I have always wanted to visit the United Nations and be a part of UN program for Youths, and this just felt like a great start.

This was all I could think of all night. I kept thinking of how the place looked, I imagined seeing the United Nations Secretary General – Mr. António Guterres , the UNWTO Secretary General – Mr. Zurab Pololikashvili and every world leader. It was an exciting thought to picture.

The next morning was equally cold, however, at 9:00AM it was really bright, the excitement in my eyes might have made everywhere seem much brighter though. We journeyed through the road in a Toyota Coaster bus, and upon arrival we were told several things, one of which was to submit out international passports.

About The United Nations Tour

We were given a tour of the facility by a lovely lady named Verena Bongartz, who took her time in answering our numerous questions letting us take as many pictures as possible. She was great.

Verena Bongartz and Fisayo Olayinka-BelloThe visitor service of the United Nations at Nairobi was established in 2012 after a General Assembly decision to offer guided tours in the Nairobi complex. I sincerely thank God for this decision.

I did picture myself as the Chief Officer Commerce Tourism & Co-operatives among many other prestigious positions to serve in. And yes we took turns in taking pictures on the same site (who no like better thing – its a slang).

Overall, being at the UN headquarters was a great experience. I did learn a lot about the UN (both the good and the bad haha). It was good fun going with the group of people I went with, and I would totally do it again with them. Videos on the tour and my other Kenya videos are coming up soon on my YouTube channel (CLICK HERE TO SEE OTHER VIDEOS).

Things to Note & Expect at United Nations Headquarter in Africa

  • Bring your international passport along for identification and collateral
  • You will receive a briefing on the history and global role of the United Nations
  • You will visit the conference rooms and learn about historic meetings
  • Tours are offered in English, French, Chinese, Kiswahili, German. This is all depending language spoken by the group expecting to go on tour.

How to book a tour:

Opening hours:
Mondays – Thursdays: 9 am – 4 pm
Fridays: 9 am – 2 pm

Tour Rate

Kenyan Citizen 18 and above: $4/5
Kenyan Residents 18 and above: $12
Non-Residents 18 and above: $15

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Lesson: Do not dream small, Dream BIG.