#Uganda reinforces her reputation as one of #Africa’s best birding destinations


(Posted 08th November 2019)

(Picture of Shoebill Stork courtesy of Wikipedia)

Uganda is one of the global birding fraternity’s most sought after destinations with some 1.061 species on record. These comprise both resident birds and migratory species, which use Uganda’s extensive wetlands, lakeshores and riverbanks to rest while on their biannual journeys into and out of Africa.
Now have news emerged that a further 11 species have been identified and can be added to the inventory, making birding safaris to Uganda even more desirable.
Among the newly identified species are: The Crested Barbet, the Red Fronted Parrot, the Steppe Gull, the Purple Grenadier, the Blue Capped Cordon Bleu, the Blue Cuckoo Shrike, the Black Collared Barbet, and the Eurasian Sparrow Hawk.
Birders are amongst the tourists with the highest per capita per day spending and given the value Uganda offers them coming into the country in ever increasing numbers.

A dedicated bird fair will be held before the end of the year in Entebbe / Uganda for the purpose of further underscoring this segment of Uganda’s tourism offerings and ATCNews will report about the event. The fair will take place between the 06th and 08th of December at the Botanical Gardens in Entebbe. For additional information click on the link below: