Sands at Nomads attains EcoTourism Kenya’s Gold ranking


(Posted 15th November 2019)

While touring the Kenya coast following the inaugural flight by Uganda Airlines from Entebbe to Mombasa, did EcoTourism Kenya share the news that Diani based Sands at Nomads had attained the coveted Gold Standard certification, after previously holding the Silver Standard.
Having visited Sands as part of the #MKTE2019 media tour is it rewarding to see that a luxury resort like Sands has not only ticked the boxes I have in my personal list when assessing such a property but that it has now also met the exacting standards required to meet the criteria EcoTourism Kenya sets, before it awards a Gold Standard certification.
EcoTourism at the same time also announced that Severin Sea Lodge, located north of Mombasa, had retained its Gold Standard certification, as all properties ranked, from Bronze over Silver to Gold, have to undergo regular audits to ascertain that the standards required continue to be met.

EcoTourism Kenya is well known for their annual Eco Warrior Awards, which recognize the best of the best vis a vis environmental practices and the application of the latest green technologies.

Congratulations to Richard Glaser and his team at the Sands for adding yet another reason to visit #MagicalKenya’s world famous Diani beaches.