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November 2019


The curtains are almost closing in on 2019 and we are fast approaching the festive season. This is the perfect time to reflect on the year that has been and celebrate with family and friends. Whether you looking for a safari, beach or a city escape, we have something for everyone including the young ones. While you may have made prior travel arrangements, last minute travelers have an opportunity to book for their holiday with us and take advantage of our exciting festive season offers.


Believe it or not lions climb trees…But not just any lions, these are the rare tree climbing lion population that are only found around Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park in Southern Tanzania and at Queen Elizabeth National Park in Ishasha Western Uganda. Lions naturally do not climb trees however; this rare phenomenon is attributed to behavioral adaptation of the lions to escape the heat on the ground or constant irritation from insect bites while lazing on the ground. Travelers can spot these unique lions blissfully atop trees either enjoying a nap or tactfully observing the movement of prey in search of the best grazing grounds. Guests staying with us at Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge have an amazing opportunity to sight these lions this rare lion phenomenon either by taking pictures and videos for the “Gram” or share with family and friends back at home.
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Spices have long been a pillar of Zanzibar’s economy since the 16th century. This earned Zanzibar its name as “Spice Island” owing to the farming and trading of native spices such as cloves, cardamon, cinnamon, tumeric just to name a few. Spice farm tours provide a detailed introduction to the region’s rich botanical heritage and food culture. During the tour, you will be introduced to some of the most exotic fruits such as red banana, guava and jack fruits that you would ordinarily not see in many destinations.
While walking tours in heart of Zanzibar-Stone Town are a distinctively way to uncover this island, a good place to ease from a day of exploration would be at the Forodhani Gardens. You can take in the best views of the ocean as you sit on the benches under tree shade and revel at the thriving food market that comes alive at night. Foodies will particularly enjoy the creative assortment of cuisine that is available at the food stands where seafood and local delicacies such as Zanzibar pizza are sold. Darajani market in Stone Town, hosts a daily fish auction that brings a surprise element to those who wish to put their haggling skills to play and purchase fresh fish straight from the ocean. As you discover this culinary journey in Stone Town, Zanzibar Serena Hotel is also ready to tantalize your taste buds with a new delectable menu paired with signature wines.

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The DR Congo commonly referred as the “Heart of Africa” is one of the must-visit destinations for travelers looking for immersive experiences no other part of the world can offer. This naturally endowed destination is not only mineral rich but contains a magnitude of wealth in almost every aspect you could imagine, gradually rising above its glorified stereotype. DR Congo is the size of Western Europe and takes prides in having the second largest rainforest after Amazon. This country is gifted with great biodiversity and takes pride in being home to rare endemic species such as the bonobos, okapi and mountain gorillas. The diversity of the landscapes of this region is awe-inspiring. From rainforests, mighty rivers, active volcanos and incredible mountains; you will be spellbound by the magnificent views and a brim of exciting experiences that DR Congo presents. Some of the lauded experiences include; trekking mountain gorillas, scaling the active Mt. Nyirangongo, watersports on Lake Kivu and even connecting with the locals through their rich song and dance culture. Travelers looking to discover this destination, can now look forward to our grand opening of our new gem, Goma Serena Hotel located on the border town of Northern Kivu. Goma Serena Hotel is the only five-star hotel in this cosmopolitan city, easily accessible from Goma International Airport. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, we will make sure that your experience in Goma will be engraved in your memory for a lifetime.
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The world most trafficked mammal is on the brink of extinction. The pangolin is a timid scaly mammal, that is mainly poached for its scales or meat alleged to have medicinal value despite being no scientific backing for any of its “cures”. There are eight species of the pangolin, four of each species found in Asia and Africa. Rapid decline in the pangolin population is mainly due to human population growth which destroys their habitat as well as poaching. Pangolin’s have over 1000 armor-plated scales that they use to cut and inflict serious wounds to their predators when threatened. According to a report by National Geographic, over 1 million pangolins have been hunted in the last decade while poachers kill over 2.7 million pangolins in Africa every year. More recently, a pangolin was spotted at Africa’s largest game reserve in Southern Tanzania- the Selous. Selous is quintessentially known for intimate safari experiences but according to our Resident Naturalist at Selous Serena Camp, this is a rare sighting in a very long time. For this and more memorable wildlife encounters, the newly refurbished Selous Serena Camp is looking forward to hosting you.
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