#NigeriaTravelWeek2019 kicks off the main event programme today


(Posted 20th November 2019)

The main programme of the 2019 edition of the Nigeria Travel Week is going underway today with the Travel Round Table, which will bring together a number of experts discussing topical issues relevant for the Nigerial travel industry.

The first keynote address this morning will cover the relevance for Nigeria’s domestic products vis a vis global industry standards while the second keynote address will give the audience an insight into creative tourism opportunities for culturally diverse destinations, like Nigeria.

The panel sessions will discuss how Nigeria can position herself for the one billion African travel market while another session is exploring the power of creative tourism in regard of driving up tourism receipts.

A media session scheduled for later today will then take a look at how Africa’s mainstream media, specialized travel media and individual travel writers have to set themselves a new agenda to promote a positive tourism narrative for the continent.

Tomorrow will the ‘Village Square‘ feature high on the day’s agenda, bringing drama, food and dance to the delegates, participants and attendees.

Friday is the big night for the Nigeria Travel Awards, aka Balearica Awards, which is held with the support of Phillips Consulting and take place, on invitation only, at the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos. A short list of contestants will be published by ATCNews later today as will, on Saturday, the winners of this year’s Nigeria Travel Awards.

The Nigeria Travel Week has established itself over the past three years, since the inaugural event in 2017, as one of the country’s primary tourism events, putting additional focus on Destination Nigeria.

Given the impressive performance data from last year’s event it is expected that this year’s edition will substantially increase figures across the board.

ATCNews.org has been a media partner of the Nigeria Travel Week since its inaugural event and just signed an extension of the agreement for a further two years.