UBER takes to the water in Lagos


(Posted 21st November 2019)

Already in place for some weeks now does the news, that UBER is now also offering water based shared transport in Lagos, still raise huge interest in Nigeria’s commercial capital.
UBER some time ago already announced that they would sooner or later begin to use pilotless gyrocopters, once the technology for the equipment and the infrastructure has been put into place, besides the added layer of air traffic control.
Here in Lagos, no doubt (in)famous for the city’s traffic situation, will airborne transport no doubt be welcome, as and when it arrives, but for now has UBER started to offer water based transport between various landing sites across Victoria Island but also to the mainland.
The new venture is a cooperation between the Texas Connection Ferries and the Lagos State Waterways Authority. For now will the boats operate on workdays only, i.e. Monday to Friday and a one way trip costs Naira 500.
This, according to individuals spoken to on the sidelines of the #NigeriaTravelWeek2019, is speeding up considerably the transportation between locations in Lagos.
Uber had already launched a similar venture in Cairo two years ago, using the Nile to transport people from landing site to landing site, cutting down on car based transportation time.