#Uganda Tourism Board officially launches POATE2020


(Posted 28th November 2019)

The annual international tourism expo in Uganda will next year take place between February 04th and 06th. The theme of the event has been named as: ‘Inspiring high value engagement to promote intra African Travel for leisure and business‘. The event will take place at the Speke Resort in Munyonyo, a sprawling conference and resort venue right on the shores of Lake Victoria.
The theme already points in the direction that UTB will not just seek to bring in more leisure travelers and visiting friends and relatives but also aim at business travel, both segments supported by the newly launched Uganda Airlines through their fast growing network.
The official launch yesterday morning also served to introduce the new brand identity of the event, which is aimed to bring dozens of hosted buyers and international travel media to Uganda, not just to participate in the expo itself but also discover and explore the country through a series of organized tours to Uganda’s best locations and attractions.
With visitor numbers in 2018 exceeding 1.8 million, up by more than 400.000 compared to 2017, is Uganda anticipating crossing the 2 million threshold in 2019 already and moving deeper into the 2 million arrival numbers next year.

The entire launch ceremony can be watched through the following link: https://www.facebook.com/SMART24TvUGANDA/videos/506026730006432/

For additional information has UTB also launched a new Facebook Webpage dedicated to POATE, accessible by clicking on the link below:

Once details are available about the selection process of hosted buyers and international travel media will ATCNews.org provide updates for readers. The same will apply for the availability of stand spaces and their respective cost and where bookings can be made.