Seychelles’ Zil Air boosts capacity with new aircraft


(Posted 03rd December 2019)

(Pictures courtesy of Zil Air)

Adam joins Eve‘ as a brand new Tecnam P2012 arrived in the Seychelles as part of the fixed wing Zil Air fleet – Eve being a VulcanAir P68C already in service since mid 2018.
The name game raised a lot of interest in aviation circles not just in the Seychelles and of course makes a very good marketing tagline.
Zil Air operates 5 helicopters to serve islands with no landing strips – like La Digue – and now two fixed wing aircraft to serve islands with landing strips, being the leading privately owned airline of its kind in the Seychelles.
Operating from the main international airport at Point Larue (SEZ) does Zil Air offer charters to tourists staying at more remote islands or others not regularly served by scheduled flights of Air Seychelles.
Said Zil Air’s Executive Director, Mr Francis Savy: “The brand new Traveller has been in design and development for a number of years. Good things take time and final result is an aircraft answering all Zil Air’s operational requirements and it was purposefully tailored for Seychelles operations’’.
Happy landings to the new aircraft, her crews and passengers.