Rhinos poached on Lewa Downs


(Posted 09th December 2019)

Two southern white rhinos were over the weekend killed on the Lewa Downs Conservancy, conservation sources from Nairobi have confirmed. Both rhinos were killed near the perimeter fence.
This ends a 6 year period of no such incidents, with the last recorded rhino poaching taking place there in 2013.
Lewa is home to one of the largest number of both eastern black and southern white rhinos, totalling over 200 in combined numbers.
The news has deeply upset Kenya’s conservation fraternity, more so as no arrests have been made since the Friday night killings, with police and other security forces however pursuing leads.
Some regular sources in part blamed the lack of legislation and regulations to use UAV’s, aka drones, in the fight against poaching, saying if parliament had not delayed time and again to pass the regulations on the use of such airborne surveillance systems, the poachings could have been avoided and wildlife security for elephant, rhinos and other endangered species been greatly improved.