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#TravCulture: We bagged two awards!

I wrote a story of how I almost missed this award night because of 4 things, one of which is the fear/thought of me not winning the award, CLICK HERE to read the wonderful thoughts that goes through my beautiful mind.

To everyone that voted, thank you very much!

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#TravCulture: La Campagne Tropicana Resort

If you have ever wondered what the entry cost to the resort is, or if you have ever wondered if this resort is worth the hype CLICK HEREto find out.

#TravCulture: Travel Blogging Master Class

One of the major problems I know most bloggers face is monetizing their passion or getting the right client to pay. I know this because I have been in this same shoe and I believe it is best for me to share all that I have learnt. This I would be doing through a travel blogging masterclass.
If you would be interested in this masterclass, CLICK HERE.

#TravCulture: Nigeria Travel Week Highlights

Fam! Your girl got to speak on a panel with the UNWTO senior expert for communications in Africa at Nigeria Travel Week. This was one of my major highlights at Nigeria Travel Week, CLICK HERE to see what you missed.

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#TravCulture: NEW VIDEO!!

Fam! My NEW video would be out on YouTube this Friday! (I know! I have been looking forward to it too).

Make sure you do not miss it! Meanwhile, above is an old video for you to keep yourself warm for a while. I released the my new video introduction on Instagram, CLICK HERE to view it.

#TravCulture: UNWTO General Assembly

CLICK HERE to read the highlights of the UNWTO general assembly if that is something you are into. *winks*

#TravCulture: #VisionBoard2019

My friend Ajala Nene would be having a vision board class this weekend. There is power in casting vision and making it plain. It works. If you would be interested in the class, CLICK HERE to join.

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