Wilderness Safaris gives 2019 news summary


Little Kulala

As we wind down to the end of another year, we’ve made sure that there’s still plenty to look forward to in the new year.We are pleased to announce the exciting news that Little Kulala, our iconic Sossusvlei camp in Namibia, is being rebuilt while retaining its signature design so loved by our guests. There are however, a few changes, and many new sensory experiences to look forward to once the camp reopens again in June 2020.


A Year in the Wilderness – a 2019 Roundup

We are once again reflecting on all the good news and successes enjoyed this year. From new camps being launched – expanding our conservation footprint – to beloved camps being rebuilt, ground-breaking conservation projects and life-changing projects run by our non-profit Children in the Wilderness partner, there’s a host of reasons to be proud of what our teams have accomplished in the space of a year.


Seek Out These Wildlife Sightings
On Your Next Safari

With such a variety of wildlife, and a multitude of diverse areas to explore, each of the countries where we operate our camps and lodges offer wonderful and contrasting wildlife experiences. Come explore Africa’s magnificent protected areas, whether in search of lion in Zambia’s Kafue, admiring the elusive Pel’s fishing-owl in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, or standing in awe of the curious and intelligent behaviour of one of our closest relatives – the endangered mountain gorilla in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. There are endless wonders awaiting you.



Desert-Adapted Abundance

Set in Botswana’s vast Central Kalahari Game Reserve – the world’s second-largest wildlife reserve – Kalahari Plains Camp provides a well-appointed base from which to explore the area’s unexpected abundance of desert-adapted wonders. From iconic black-maned lions – even seen drinking from the birdbath in camp – to honey badgers, giraffe, wildebeest and, of course, springbok and oryx in horizon-filling numbers, safari-goers are assured an unforgettable and immersive Kalahari quest.


We close off the year with some really exciting news: Bisate, Mombo, Little Mombo and Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp have been included in Condé Nast Traveler’s 2020 Gold List of exceptional places to stay in the world.