St. Helena to benefit from seasonal flights from Cape Town


(Posted 26th December 2019)

If you have always dreamt to visit St Helena Island in the South Atlantic Ocean, a direct flight from Cape Town is now operated between the 03rd of December until the 25th of February by Airlink.

More flights are also available from Johannesburg all year round also operated by South Africa’s Airlink. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the stunning landscapes of the island and learn more about its special history, linked to France through Napoleon’s exile.

St Helena Island is known for the abundance of life and beauty on this remote South Atlantic Ocean island. It is loved for the opportunity to swim with its whale sharks, explore historic wrecks and walk its rolling hills.

Visitors can appreciate the unique flora and fauna and immerse themselves in the island’s heritage and history, where the final chapter of Napoleon’s life played out.

This island is 47 square miles of sub-tropical paradise and is one of the most extraordinary places in the world, only more recently opened up to tourism when Airlink won the rights to operate flights from Johannesburg, via Namibia, to St. Helena.