Mauritius forced to halt air traffic as cyclone Calvinia approaches


(Posted 30th December 2019)

Flights from Mauritius’ main airport to Rodrigues, which were rescheduled yesterday to today, have now all been cancelled as have in fact all flights into and out of the island following the closure of the international airport. Besides Air Mauritius have other carriers like South African Airways also halted their flights to the island.
Tropical cyclone Calvinia suddenly accelerated its movement towards Mauritius and is expected to pass the island with wind speeds of between 111 and 129 miles per hour, making it a category 3 cyclone.

(Cyclone Calvinia development over the past 24 hours)

It is expected that neighbouring island Reunion will also be affected by the storm as will Madagascar, where aviation officials are closely monitoring the incoming storm before deciding if airports there must be closed too and air traffic, at least in the affected part of the island, be halted.

Meanwhile has a new board taken control of Air Mauritius with its inaugural sitting less than two weeks ago.

Dev Manraj is the new chairman of the company and other members are Christian Angseesing, Somas Appavou who is also the CEO of Air Mauritius, Philippe Espitalier Noel, Vinod Goburdhun, Shakilla Jhungeer and Sherry Singh.
The company is entering a turnaround period which includes – once again – some substantial restructuring seeking to balance the books and spur growth and profitability.