Lucky escape for pilot and passengers of Cessna 206 crash


(Posted 16th January 2020)

A chartered Cessna C206, enroute from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to the airfield in Amboseli, earlier today crashed near the town of Kajiado.
The pilot, aware of the failed engine, tried to land his plane in open terrain but when hitting a ditch on the ground did the aircraft somersault, coming to a standstill upside down on the roof.
A search and rescue mission helicopter was immediately dispatched and found the pilot and his three passengers alive with reportedly only minor injuries.
The Cessna C206F Stationair, registered as 5Y-CHR, MSN 206-02472, was operated by Yellow Wings Air Services Limited, a company based at Wilson Airport.
The airline received the plane in September 2009 but it could not be established if the aircraft was delivered ex factory or had been pre-owned.

Kenya’s Civil Aviation Authority later in the morning then issued a statement, content of which is shown above.

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